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Spyder ECG Solution

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Welcome to Spyder ECG

Ambulatory or Remote continuous ECG Monitoring & Rhythm Diagnostics now possible Anywhere, Any-time.. Globally

Cardiac arrhythmia or disorders of cardiac rhythm are common & some like atrial fibrillation are dangerous as they lead to stroke.

The Spyder ECG system is a unique continuous ECG data transmission platform developed for Patients & Physicians who require continuous heart rhythm diagnostics & monitoring (RPM) from any remote location.

The solution bridges a significant gap between extended Holter diagnostics & remote telemetry. The self-administered Spyder wearable can be delivered directly to patient’s home for use & extends traditional 1-day Holter monitoring up to 30-days if clinically required. 

A web-based dashboard (Doctor Spyder) allows real-time assessment & review by a physician anytime & from any connected location.

Spyder’s zero footprint non-contact platform has been used extensively during “Lockdown’ situations. Curated Reports & Monitoring (including daily alerts) can be performed by our ECG core lab in anonymised fashion & are verified in-house by Certified Cardiologists. Reports are simple & designed to be easily explained to patients.

Please do view the Spyder Application page to see how system can be used for your Hospital & Clinic or Contact Us for a Video discussion and demo today.

Dr. Philip Wong

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

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Why use the Spyder ECG ?

For patients

Convenience & Comfort

Compact & Self-Manageable with No hospital travel requirement by patients to return device to vendor or hospital for data analysis.

Spyder ECG

The Worlds’ first All-Digital, Direct Patient-to-Database, ‘Live-stream’ Continuous ECG monitoring Platform

Why use the Spyder ECG ?

For Physicians

Extended Clinical Use

Self-managed wearable allows flexibility in extending non-invasive, medical grade continuous ECG data acquisition from 1-day up to 30-days without contact with the hospital or clinic. 

Cloud Connected

Time-rationalised direct & continuous ECG upload from any connected location worldwide allows full disclosure of patients data via Secured Web-Based Dashboard (Dr Spyder), optimising remote data management & expedited reporting.

Extended Clinical Use

Self-Administered wearable allows flexibility in extending non-invasive, medical grade continuous ECG data acquisition from 1-day to extended periods up to 30 days.

Cloud Connected

Time-rationalised world-wide direct & continuous ECG upload from any connected location allows full disclosure and fluid ECG data management & expedited reporting.

24/7 Secured Physician Access

Web-Based interface ( Doctor Spyder ) & Dashboard provides full ECG disclosure remotely to health care providers from any connected computer

For Better Wellness & Care

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