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Baby Walker
Baby Walker
Recommendations for using a walker:
The main parameters that are taken into account when choosing a walker:
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It is no secret that modern children are so spoiled by all kinds of fancy toys and gadgets that it is not an easy task to get fidgets interested. Yes, there are a huge variety of toys, but children’s curiosity lasts a maximum of a couple of days, and after that interest in them fades away. However, this is a product that cannot be thrown into the back burner: one wants to draw on it and admire the effect produced.
Baby developmental walker play panel for toddler to help the toddler take their first steps. The pusher consists of many educational and colorful elements. Includes energizing toys, a battery-powered piano, a magic drawing board and a telephone. The set is very practical and colorful, which attracts the attention of anyone. baby. Children’s educational walker on wheels, collapsible, from them you can make various toys. The pusher is suitable for both seated babies and those taking the first steps. Quick and easy installation of the toy, made of materials that are safe, non-toxic for children. Designed for children over 9 months of age. Package dimensions: 54 x 38 x 10 cm Toy dimensions: 42 x 45 x 32 cm.
The plastic base is very thin and flexible. You can even say that it is not plastic, but plastic.
The appearance and the idea are good.
Please give a link or show a photo of what the Huanger Walker-Walker looks like with a guitar instead of a piano. Will the dimensions and functionality of the Huanger walker change?
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