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Review on VERSACE Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette for women, 50 ml.

This year, by March 8, I wanted to pamper myself with a new perfume. Unfortunately, I am not very good at choosing fragrances, so I decided to search the Internet for popular options for girls and women in a floral and fruity range.

For several years in a row, I bought only LANVIN ECLAT eau de toilette, I just adored it. But when I got married, I noticed that this scent does not inspire my husband at all, he, like many men, chooses sweetish aromas (with hints of vanilla). Now I also like this eau de toilette from LANVIN, but only on my mom.

Unfortunately, even the most beloved scent can get bored if it is the only one in the collection. It’s still good to use 2-3 options and change them when mood or reason changes.

Since I love the peony notes in LANVIN ECLAT, that’s what I was looking for in similar fragrances. I found the description of Versace Bright Crystal toilet water on the Internet, it is quite popular among women today. Many praise and describe it as an everyday scent.

Since I was completely unfamiliar with her, I once went to a shopping center and found a tester for this eau de toilette.

In ordinary stores, Versace Bright Crystal with a volume of 50 ml then I saw for 4500-6400 rubles, somehow expensive. In the Online Trade store, the same bottle cost 3650 rubles, and taking into account the bonuses, it cost me only 2555 rubles. I was also pleased that it was the original product that was produced in Italy that was sold here.

I met quite a lot of fakes in the markets and perfume shops, unfortunately it turned out to be quite problematic to find a real scent there.

Eau de toilette came in a cute pink box. The very shape of the bottle is quite attractive. The lid is shaped like a huge gemstone that creates a delicate shimmering aura. At the very top there is the corporate logo of the famous https://jiji-ethiopia.com/bole/shoes/guess-shoes-C77SdgUAJPW2TQObJ4ZaN3Vq.html Italian brand.

The color of the water is beautiful – soft pink. Anyone who loves beautiful things will definitely appreciate it. I read once on the Internet that some girls even collect collections of crystal caps from Versace.

For those who were not yet familiar with this fragrance, I can say that Versace Bright Crystal is more of a daytime fragrance for me, it is delicate and light. The bouquet as a whole is pretty well chosen.

* top notes: yuzu, ice (or ice water), pomegranate.

* middle notes: peony, magnolia, lotus, acaju (the gum of the African tree that gives cashews).

* base notes: amber (vegetable analogue), musk, mahogany.

I attribute this scent more to the spring-summer version. The thing is that this eau de toilette has a pretty bright and fresh top note. At the beginning, there is a kind of cold sourness. It was she who turned out to be harsh for me. I like light shades of citrus, but I was not very ready for the combination of pomegranate and yuzu.

For the first five to ten minutes, I generally try not to go outside, so that the smell disappears a little.

(Yu zu is a complex hybrid of the citrus genus, which is considered to be the homeland of China. In perfumery, the oils and zest of this fruit are most often used.)

The middle notes became my favorites. Even before buying this eau de toilette, I liked the combination of peony, magnolia and lotus. I put a scent paper napkin in my purse and savor the scent.

This eau de toilette for me has another rather significant plus, it “sits” close to the body. That is, in order to hear it, you need to approach the person at a fairly short distance. This property allows me to feel comfortable in a crowded clinic line or in tight public transport during rush hour.

I prefer not to use sillage scents in such cases, although I also love them.

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