Spyder ECG Solution

Global Reach

The fully connected Spyder ECG platform allows global transmission of ECG data with real-time feedback that transcend large geographical distances

Spyder Academic

This package is meant for large health care institutions who wish to report their own Holter using the Doctor Spyder Web-Based Platform. A typical subscription for Spyder Academic is based on a single device with unlimited use of Doctor Spyder Dashboard and Cloud Database for a year. The device can be re-used, is easy to turnover and can be flexibly deployed from 1-day up to 30 days depending on the clinical need.

Why should I use Spyder Academic ?

The system is convenient for patients with no messy wires to contend with. The Spyder can potentially be the only Holter system required as it can be deployed flexibly to patients in 1-day, 3-day, 7-day or 14-day blocks up to 30 days depending on the clinical indication.

As the data is transmitted ‘live’ by patients, review of data and reporting can be completed even before device is returned to the institution. There are no capital equipment requirements as system utilises a cloud-based web interface. It is estimated that with 50% utilisation, most institutions will recover cost of subscription within the first few months of use.

How can I prescribe Spyder for extended use ?

As the system is self-administered and self-manageable, replacement batteries ( 2xAAA up to 3 days use ) and daily replacement stick-on leads can be given to patients to extend use of system up to weeks depending on the clinical need.

For patients: How to self-use Spyder ECG.
SVT Atrial BigemInterface
Doctor Spyder Web Based Interface & Dashboard for real time assessment of ECG rhythm and reporting.

Spyder Service

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This package is meant for small specialist hospitals, clinics and primary health care facilities who wish to simplify ordering a Holter test. Reports are provided directly by WEB on a turnkey basis by our Core ECG laboratory in Singapore. The package can be offered for example as 30 1-day sessions or 20 3-day sessions on a pay per use basis. There is flexibility how this package can be utilised in terms of the number of days used by patients and physician continues to have full disclosure of all raw ECG data through the Doctor Spyder Dashboard.

Please do feel free to make enquiries about how your clinics can benefit from such a package.

Why should I use Spyder Service ?

This system provides turnkey service with Holter reports direct to the physician taking care of the patient. There is no need to utilise clinic personnel to read reports and in certain areas, home delivery allows the entire process to occur without the need for the patient to visit the clinic for the test.

Examples of Spyder Reports by WEB ECG core laboratory ( Located in Singapore )

Spyder Personal

The Spyder Personal is the only cardiac event monitor in the world that is able to capture a 2.5 minute ECG strip prior to an event activation and for another 2.5 minutes after activation. This increases the chance of capturing abnormal beats that are relatable to symptoms. The total captured 5 minutes is sent automatically upon event activation directly to an email of users choice, which can then be forwarded to his/her physician for a consult. A sample event report which is directed via email to the user is attached below.

Who should use Spyder Personal ?

Spyder Personal is useful for individuals who have symptoms of palpitations: a sensation of missed beats, extra beats or fast or irregular heart beats and wish to capture any abnormal arrhythmia related to these symptoms. The Spyder is especially useful for short arrhythmias lasting only few seconds as forward capture event monitors will typically miss these.
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Example of a 5-minute strip sent to email with recorded 2.5 minutes of ECG prior to activation for capture of relatable symptoms.